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An introduction:

Hello all, as many of you know, my name is Madison. I am a mother, a wife, a student, A food lover, A wanna-be DIY-er, interior obsessed, and the designer for Moxie Way. I love coffee, (not black because I love myself) and I am completely obsessed with my husband and son. My job is to make things look glamorous; however, most of my days are spent in leggings, working from home, and trying to get my one year old to nap. I am sure I will delve into most of these things on here at some point, but until then I wanted to start with Moxie's story.

At the beginning of the year, I was a full-time student, and a mother to a four month old baby who NEVER slept. I was constantly on the phone with my mom telling her how frazzled and lost I felt. She always said, "You just need to do something creative, it makes you happy!" I usually blew it off. I was scraping by with what I had on my plate already, and my dream job wasn't even a possibility in my head. I had completely given up. I was settling.

One afternoon in January I got a call.

Me: "Hello"

Mom: "Let's start a rental business for couches and wedding decor!"

Me: "Really? How do we do that?!"

Mom: "I don't know, do you?"

Me: "No clue."

Mom: " I'll get on Craigslist and call grandma!"

That was it. We just did it and never looked back. My mom, my grandma, and I all dived in head first. We all fell into different roles that came naturally to us. My grandma, Rita, is the workhorse behind the scenes. She will re-do a vintage piece in three hours flat, and do it with happy heart. My mom, Laura, is the brainpower behind Moxie, and the other workhorse. She has stayed up all night painting and has solved problems that I deemed unsolvable. She has built arches in the final days before an event and saved us many times. She is also my safe place and encouragement. Without these two women, I could not do my part, which is to design and communicate with clients. I run all social media, email, and the website.

Within a few months of starting, we had three storage units of inventory, dozens of clients, a small online following, and more things kept coming. This last year, we have been blown away by the support we have received. It was a lot of hard work, sometimes through the night, but by the grace of God we did it. We are still learning and have a long ways to go, but we are excited for year two of our little business that was born on a whim. We feel so blessed to do what we do, and for those who let us do it.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Let's be friends!
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